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Separation  | Separation and Cohabitation Rights

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Separation and Cohabitation Rights

When a relationship ends where the couple have been cohabiting, there is not the same legislation available to cohabitants as is available to married couples or civil partners. There are few legal remedies available, and it is often not straightforward to resolve the issues that arise in this situation. People often mistakenly believe that they acquire rights after residing with a partner after a number of years. This is not the case.

There is no automatic right to a share of any assets in your partner’s sole name, including any property you are residing in. The only way you can obtain ownership of assets in your partner’s sole name is by proving that you have contributed to their purchased or improved their value.

Our experienced family team can advise you on your particular circumstances. In most cases we will recommend that a Deed of Separation is prepared which outlines the financial agreement for the division of assets. This will involve full financial disclosure to each other of any assets and liabilities. 

Contact our offices for an appointment with a member of our experienced team to discuss your circumstances and whether a Deed of Separation is suitable for your case.

Separation and Cohabitation Rights

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